Art and craft are as old as human civilization. Terra-cotta wheeled figurine of bird was excavated at many historical sites.

India is bestowed with the inherent quality of producing excellent rural craft from every nook and corner and can be found in every village.  Similarly, every village has its unique toys and art work.  However, due to lack of patronage, these art & crafts which once made the villages very lively, are at the verse of extinction.

Indira Vaddi, the owner of Rustic Art grew up in India and was fortunate enough to revel in variety of art forms and enjoy the rich culture and heritage of the country. However, what she had seen was only the tip of the ice berg. There is so much unseen artistry in the interiors of the country that one can only get a glimpse by looking at the pictures.

Rustic Art has started with a vision to promote and encourage the unseen talent of rural artisans. We aim to bring their handcrafted environment friendly products at the forefront for everyone to appreciate. Use of environment friendly products not only improves quality of life but also ensures safety of our families and the planet.

Enjoy and adorn your beautiful home with Rustic Art!